Black Friday wave hit Europe in 2017, what is it about?

The world is becoming a huge market where customs and local country feasts are becoming giant worldwide ones. Hence for Black Friday, which is held during Thanksgiving in the USA. Do the European turkey fear the coming slaughter, or is it just a shopping frenzy?

It all comes from USA

Black Friday concept has been created in the United States in 1951, as the extra day taken by workers to lengthen their thanksgiving holidays. It also meant heavy traffic on the roads on that day. The concept evolved in the mid 1960’s when retailers used that name to refer to the book ink color change, from red color indicating negative amounts to black color showing positive results.

In fact, retailers were losing money from day 1 every year, until that Thanksgiving shopping season which was the breakeven point of retailers and the threshold of profitability of the Christmas sales.

Black Friday has become a staple in the year end sales and marks the unofficial beginning of the Christmas sales period.

From USA to the world


European turkeys can calm down and keep running. Black Friday has spread worldwide, but not Thanksgiving.

Indeed, many countries have recently adopted this Black Friday in various ways: whilst it is both an in-store and online operation in the United States, where people have time to go to the shops, it has mostly been introduced by major e-commerce players worldwide. Amazon and Walmart launched Black Friday in the United Kingdom, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon have been offering discounted products on the major festivals in India, Emag and Flanco have imported the concept in Romania, Apple and Amazon in France, etc.

Many large retailers have relayed the concept in their countries to benefit the growing popularity since then, and many countries are now having sacrificed to this Black Friday concept.

Whether you call it Black Friday, or White Friday in U.A.E., Viernes Negro in Spain, Panama and Costa Rica, XXL day in France or El Buen Fin in Mexico, those shopping days or weeks have been growing quite fast in few years to become nowadays the biggest shopping event in most countries.

In 2018, there are more than 40 countries having adopted the Black Friday as a key retail event, and more are to come.

What contribute to the success of Black Friday?

Prices, prices, prices: Black Friday is the kick start of a frenzy that stops on Christmas. Retailers are applying discounts up to 85% on some products, especially online shops, leading to sales records breaking record year on year. Although it has sometimes been tricked by retailers increasing their prices weeks before Black Friday to release fake slashed prices on those days, most of the retailers are offering to the consumers real big discounts.

Hence the same pictures of crowds waiting worldwide for stores opening for hours to benefit the best prices and ensure they will get what they are looking for.

Despite attempts to control the crowds, Black Friday are famous for minor injuries, usually as a result or being thrown on the ground or pressured on the windows, and some major ones, where violence is sometimes deliberate.

Add-on, Cyber Monday!

Retail analyst are good. After having identified in 2005 that most of the American consumers were buying on line on the Monday following Black Friday, thanks to offices’ higher speed Internet compared to lower internet speed at home, the e-commerce community has been widely using the term “Cyber Monday” to increase on line sales after that Black Friday “brick and mortar” shopping session.

Cyber Monday is the online equivalent to Black Friday and is a good opportunity for small retail websites to compete at a wider scale.

It is today an international marketing term for many online retailers worldwide and keeps spreading.


Does it matter to Colormotion?

Yes, it does. Colormotion has been serving worldwide customers for almost three decades. Colormotion is keen to accompany market evolution and provide our customers with competitive prices offers to help our customers slash their prices during both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Looking for your next Black Friday Best Sellers?

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