How to find your OEM partners

What is OEM?

An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) refers to a company that designs and manufactures parts or finished products that will be marketed by another company under it’s own name. OEMs rely on their ability to drive down the production costs through economies of scale.  Also, using OEM manufacturing process allows the purchasing company to obtain needed components or products without owning and operating it’s own factory or production lines. It creates a winwin situation for both the customer and manufacturer.  

What are the criteria of a good OEM Partner?

When a company looks for an OEM partner, what are the major criterias they should take into consideration before deciding who will handle their future productions?

  • Professionalism and specialty

This process is by definition an organisation that requires the manufacturer to own all machines, toolings and technical skills to produce OEM products according to customers’ requirements. Manufacturer’s expertise will allow him to understand all the detailed procedures required in order to manufacture the parts or products that will be 100% compliant to the customers’ requirements and specifications.

  • Good quality and trust

OEM clients usually know their markets and have build a solid reputation on the quality of their products. During an OEM product development stage, the client will insist on the requirements and specifications that it’s products need to reach in order to be compliant with its market standard.

The OEM manufacturer should recommend all materials and manufacturing techniques in order to help its client create the products specifications that will meet the target market’s standards. Also it is the usual request for the products to comply with international quality standard like CE, REACH, EN71, ASTM, etc.

In order to be trusted on the long run, the OEM manufacturer can give proofs that he will provide specific guarantees in order for it’s client to trust the fact that within time, products will still be made with the selected materials and techniques in order to meet the requested quality standards. Proofs such as golden samples, internal QC reports or lab test reports can help to settle trust between both companies.

  • Reliability and good communication

During an OEM manufacturing process a company is placing part of it’s reputation in terms of quality and product reliability in the hands of it’s newly selected manufacturer. In order for this partnership to be successful, it is essential for the OEM manufacturer to be reliable and capable to fulfill all the points promised to its clients.

An other crucial aspect of this new collaboration will be good communication between the client and it’s new manufacturing partner. Good services on the manufacturer’s side will help to build up good business relationship (quick answers to technical questions, daily updates during manufacturing cycles, paperwork needs to be fluid and delivered on time, etc).

  • On time delivery

An OEM manufacturer like any other industrial company should always deliver on time. Nowadays just in time production process has made any unexpected delay in the supply chain or manufacturing process critical and can immediately affect the delivery date. In case any unexpected issue should happened, it is necessary to keep customers informed and fix the problems immediately in order to reduce this delay’s impact on following industrial process or sales schedule.


Why is Willtech Gift a good OEM Partner?

Willtech Gift is the main production facility of Pylones Group ( ), one of the world’s leading designer and retailer of  gifts and premiums.

Willtech Gift has developed its expertise in manufacturing novelty stationery and decorated objects under the brand name “Colormotion” since 1984. Our international sales team associated with our in-house design studio backed up by an experienced R&D team is here to help all our clients create best products for any market around the globe. 

Besides strong design abilities, Willtech Gift has different high-tech machines for different design and production procedures.   

We know the successful products come from their capacity to create the best emotions at the first glance. This is why we work on all aspects of product design to give the products all the characteristics that customers want to find in good quality novelty items: Good shape, good weight, great proportions, special features, latest technology, etc.

Willtech Gift owns 3D printing machine and a fully equipped sample room. We provide our clients with design support and can create prototypes within short period of time. Willtech Gift has the ability to arrange tooling for customers accordingly to each project’s specific requirements. Our Engineering team will monitor closely the progress of the tooling to control the quality and lead time.

In our production factory located in Shenzhen, we have invested significant resources to buy and upgrade machines such as:

  • Plastic injection machines
  • 3D printers (for prototyping)
  • Water curtain spray painting cabins
  • Flatbed printers
  • Pad printing machines
  • Silk screen printing machines
  • Automatic UV spraying lines
  • Ultrasonic welding machines
  • Strapping machines
  • High-frequency heat sealing machines
  • Hot sealer shrink machines

Our workers are skillful in decorating products with good outlook through different production procedures such as spray paint, water film transfer, heat transfer, film sticking, hot stamping, UV/PU coating and pad print. All our decorated products receive high quality UV/PU coating that give them the unique brightness and a high resistance to achieve customers’ satisfaction.  

Last but not least, packaging is an important feature to attract retail customers and trigger sales. From bulk pack to tailor made PVC boxes or acrylic displays we can supply to customers with any kind of packaging that will best fit to their market demand.  

When looking for OEM partner for novelty stationery or decorated objects, Willtech Gift is most certainly one of your best options!

Looking for a partner for your product developments?

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