Celebrating Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary!

Happy Birthday Mickey !

90 years of Mickey Mouse

This year, our beloved Mickey Mouse turns 90. For almost a century, the emblematic Disney character has captured the imaginations of children, through movies, comic books,Disney licensed products, and of course, visits at Disney amusement parcs around the world. But the Mickey we know today hasn’t always looked the same. Shall we go down memory lane and see how he grew up?

Mickey appears on screen for the first time (Plane Crazy, 1928)

Mickey’s designer, Ub Iwerks, focused on using circular shapes to make the character easy to animate. It is the reason behind the world famous silhouette of Mickey Mouse’s head.

Mickey Mouse in Plane Crazy, first appearance.

First Changes (Steamboat Willie, 1928)

Our favorite character starts wearing shoes and has his eyes get their first rework (an element that will often evolve through out the years).

Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie, first changes

More accessories! (The Karnival Kid, 1929)

Mickey buys gloves and his creators continue experimenting with his eyes. The quality of the animations continuously improves. 

Mickey Mouse in The Karnival Kid.

Color! (Mickey’s Garden, 1935)

With technological advances, colour movies become a reality. As a result, this is the first time we see Mickey in colour.  

Mickey Mouse's Garden, first time Mickey is seen in color.

Getting tanned! (Lonesome Ghosts, 1938)

Mickey’s skin tone changes, becoming slightly more colorful and the buttons on his pants become grey. Only his gloves remain white. 

Mickey Mouse in Lonesome Ghosts. Mickey's skin tone changes and becomes more colorful

Mickey Mouse is growing up (Mickey’s Surprise Party, 1939)

The Mickey Mouse design as we know it today finally starts to appear. Furthermore, some details are added, like pupils in his eyes.

Mickey Mouse in Mickey's Surprise Party. Mickey is growing up, his emblematic look is starting to become well defined.

“It’s just a phase” (The Simple Things, 1953)

Mickey shows us a unique appearance sporting eyebrows, something we will not see again.

Mickey Mouse in The Simple Things. Mickey Mouse presents an unique appearance, with eyebrows.

Return to the basics (Mickey’s Christmas Carol, 1983)

Mickey is back to a style inspired by the 40’s, a style that will remain the most commonly associated with the character.

Mickey Mouse in Mickey's Christmas Carol. Mickey Mouse solidifies his style by going back to its 40s roots.

New technologies, new look (Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas, 2004)

With the advent of CGI, Mickey and his friends are showing us a new 3D appearance. 

Mickey Mouse in Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas. With the advent of new technologies, Mickey Mouse embraces a CGI 3D style.

Retro is chic (Mickey Mouse, 2013)

In the eponymous movie, Mickey Mouse’s design goes back to its 20’s roots while still keeping details and a rich background.  

Mickey Mouse in the movie Mickey Mouse (2013). Mickey Mouse goes back to a retro look, inspired by the first designs by Ub Iwerks.

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